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About Us

The FBI Honolulu Citizens Academy Alumni Association was first established as the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation of Hawaii in 2000 by the first graduating class of the FBI Honolulu Citizens Academy. It operates as a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization and continues to support the mission on which it was founded works to promote a safer Hawaii community by supporting the mission of the FBI.

About FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association 

The FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBINCAAA) serves as the overarching Board of Directors for the individual FBICAAA Chapters throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam.  The FBINCAAA is composed of representatives from each of the five (5) FBI Regions and has the following mission:

  • To support the local chapters of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association by providing standards, guidance and assistance; 
  • To support the community outreach efforts of the FBI by encouraging the development, growth and effectiveness of the chapters; and,
  • To serve as the official governing body, interface and liaison between FBI Headquarters and the chapters.

To learn more about the FBINCAAA, please go to:  https://fbincaaa.org/.

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President's Message 

Aloha FBI Honolulu Citizens Academy Alumni,

Although the FBIHNCAAA is a membership organization that is “Separate and Apart” from the FBI, our members have been referred to as volunteer ambassadors for the FBI. The FBINCAAA Chapters are asked to educate communities about federal law enforcement issues, along with their priorities and goals, and to help foster a greater understanding of the role of federal law enforcement. The chapters and members do this by:

  • Providing public education programs to raise awareness of community safety
  • Equipping citizens with information
  • Hosting events and discussions that facilitate collaborative relationships with law enforcement, and promote positive community relations
  • Sponsoring community service initiatives to help at-risk populations
  • Supporting sponsored outreach and informational programs

We have several upcoming activities this year, which I encourage you to support. We will be continuing our support of FBI educational programs, including the FBI Citizens Academy and Teen Academy for Hawaii high school students, as well as FBIHNCAAA member-led programs such as the “Adopt a School Program” for Ke’eliokalani Middle School, and “Light Hawaii Blue” in support of law enforcement during Police Week. Please consider serving as a sponsor of an event, donating school supplies, providing financial support, or sharing your network to help further our community partnerships.

Your board of directors is some of most talented and committed community-based people who represent all aspects of our Hawaii community. They are proud to serve on the board and I hope you will stand proud with them in service. In a time where we have foreign and domestic actors targeting Americans, criminals victimizing our children and defrauding our kupuna, crimes against people based on race, and two wars across our borders, we more than ever, need to come together as an ohana to offer help to those who are in need.

If you haven’t yet joined, I invite you to join or renew your membership to the FBIHNCAAA and help us, help our FBI ohana, and our community, to ensure a stronger Hawaii and to support our great nation. Your board leadership stands together and I hope you will stand with us.


Ryan Yamane

President, FBIHNCAAA



FBIHNCAAA is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI

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